Pressure Washing

At National Pressure we take pride in what we do for our customers. If you own a small family owned machine shop or a large industrial building then you understand how dirty these environments can get. Industrial cleaning is a daily fact of life and is required if you want your business running efficiency. Pressure Washing takes out all the hard labor for you. No more scrubbing and putting all that elbow grease into cleaning your machinery.

Our pressure washing products are used in many different applications. Whether you need some parts that need to be cleaned or a bulldozer that has built up mud and grease, we can guarantee our products will work for whatever your needs are.  Go with a trusted company that has an extensive background in the business.  Our products will ensure that your business will be kept cleaned and running top performance for years to come.

Hot Pressure Washers

hot pressure washers are what National Pressure specializes in. We deliver hot pressure washers that are high in pressure and high in performance. Our products are very durable and come in a wide range that will fit your needs. For the tough jobs, our portable gas fired and oil fired machines will deliver enough power to wash away any tough grime. We also carry all electric hot pressure washers for situations where open flames are an issue and where space is limited. National Pressure makes pressure washing with power, mobility and ease of operation in mind.

Industrial Steam Cleaners

National Pressure offers different industrial steam cleaner solutions that produce up to 300 degrees of steam. If you need portability for general cleaning, a smaller oil-fired unit would be your choice. For permanent installations, a larger stationary gas fired unit is designed for these applications. The steam cleaners are commonly used for auto repair shops, heavy construction, roof thawing and vehicle restoration businesses.

Cold Pressure Washers

At National Pressure, we have many options when choosing your cold pressure washers. Many situations require a cold pressure wash. Cold pressure washers are most ideal for removing dirt on surfaces that do not contain any oil or grease (read above for hot pressure washer). Our cold pressure washers are built with strength and durability in mind. Our Calgary cold pressure washers are perfect for getting dirt and mud removed in an easy, timely manner. Investing in our cold pressure washer will save you time and money all while ensuring the highest quality pressure washer.


National Pressure offers a complete line of environmental safe detergents for your Pressure Washing products at affordable pricing. They are formulated for use with hot or cold water pressure washers. High quality detergents can help lengthen the life of your equipment. Our detergents will help ensure that your equipment will be washed away of any tough build ups and corrosion on your equipment. It doesn't matter what you're trying to clean or what your budget limits, you will find a detergent product that is right for you.

Waste Water Treatment

We offer three different types of solutions to remove contaminants from water. Oil/Solid coalescing which removes free oil and solids from water and generates effluent with less than 10mg/L of oil droplets.

Our evaporators help remove water from your waste stream up to 30 gallons per hour. Doing so can reduce your expenses and leave only a sludge for disposal.

National Pressure's media filtrations are to be used with our high pressure washers and steam cleaners. You get high quality water for recycle in your pressure cleaners or for a safe release in the city sewer systems.

Steam Mobile Cleaning

For the challenging tasks far out in the field, you've got substantial job force and greatest adaptability in National Pressure's portable cleaning units. If it's one of four trailer-mounted units or a compact system you can move in your own vehicle, National Pressure's products deliver rugged performance and dependability. Trailer units come in various arrangements for hitch mounts, electrical connectors, brakes, wheels, and colors. We also have various accessories and choices to fit any application, from sand blasting kits to hazard lights and custom tool boxes.

Power Part Washers

Your parts are always exposed to dirt, grime and grease. With power part washers, you can save time and money by having your parts cleaned extremely fast.  Our part washers were designed to be harmless to our environment. They operate with hot water and use biodegradable detergents.  Our power part washers are of the top quality and will return your dirty parts into sparkling clean. They are extremely easy to operate, anyone can do it. Just put your parts in the washer, close the door and set a timer.

Space Heaters

National Pressure's space heaters are perfect solutions for when you need instant circulation of heat flow at a low cost. Our units run on kerosene, No. 1 Fuel or premium diesel fuel. They feature large fuel tanks and stainless steel combustion chambers. Space Heaters can plug in any standard, grounded 110 volt outlet.



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